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Four-Bedroom Red Classic Villa (Villa No. 1)

Villa No. 1 is the representative of Mr. Mo Bozhi, the peak of Lingnan architecture. He has hosted party and state leaders such as Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Yang Shangkun, Li Peng, Huo Yingdong, Sihanouk, and foreign heads of state who stayed in Villa No. 1. There are countless praises. The living room of No. 1 villa is inlaid with the inscription of Jiang Zemin's comrades: the hot spring hotel, the hometown of Zhongshan, the reform and opening up, and the fragrance of flowers and trees.

Wufang Mountain Villa (No. 2 / Villa 3)

Zhongshan Hot Spring Hotel Villa Group is the peak of Mr. Mo Bozhi, the peak of Lingnan Architecture. The winding path is quiet, the trees are shaded, the flowers are red and green, and the elaborate artificial buildings are harmoniously matched with the natural scenery of Luo Sanmei Mountain. It creates a picturesque and beautiful scenery with a garden in the garden and a scenic view in the landscape, showing the royal style.

  • 红色经典1号别墅-01
  • 红色经典1号别墅-02
  • 红色经典1号别墅-03
  • 红色经典1号别墅-04
  • 五房温泉2号别墅-1
  • 五房温泉2号别墅-2
  • 五房温泉2号别墅-3
  • 五房温泉2号别墅-4
  • 五房温泉2号别墅-5
  • 五房温泉3号别墅-1
  • 五房温泉3号别墅-2
  • 五房温泉3号别墅-3
  • 五房温泉3号别墅-4